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The Hemp Spot Academy brought to you by Aloha.

The Center for Cannabis Learning and Education (CCLE) is a research and education institution specializing in public policy analysis and business strategy pertaining to the Canadian and global cannabis industry. Our team consists of experts with over 50 years of professional experience in academia, industry, and government. CCLE provides educational services examining cannabis legalization, identifying industry needs, and business opportunities - equipping businesses and employees with the necessary knowledge to succeed.

CCLE has developed a series of courses tailored to industry needs and demands. We have sourced and procured information that is important for investors, health-practitioners, policy-analysts, entrepreneurs, and the general public. Our courses provide material pertaining to the history, economics, business and health implications of cannabis - administered by experienced industry professionals and CCLE’s professional studies department.

This course will provide the following information:

- The longstanding relationship that cannabis has had with societies and communities for thousands of years all across the world; 

- The different uses and value that was derived in each continent over time; 

- Examine the public policy and regulatory journey of cannabis from prohibition to legalization; 

- Local and global market, policy, and regulatory analysis; 

- Financial metrics for the various forms of cannabis including: medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and industrial hemp;

- Concluding with links to valuable resources for individuals and businesses exploring investment into the industry.

 Examining the history of cannabis, the science of the plant, insights into current regulations, and overview of business opportunities allows us to discover how they can best participate in this growing market.

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